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Cobra Key Accessories


Lucite Key Tags

New: Lucite key tag holders with metal split ring and paper insert. Available in sets of #5 or #10 (or more)



Access Keys

Access Keys are available in 12 colors, and in any number. Colors are: White, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Teal, Silver Metallic, Gold Metallic, and Charcoal. Available in sets of #5, #10, #50


Master Keys

The Master Key quickly releases keys. Master Key does not remain in lock position like an access key.



Key Holders

Keys and Versa Tags easily slide onto the locking nylon key holder strap.

Permanent Key


Plastic coated stainless steel tamper proof locking cable ring. Ideal for permanent key control.



The Mounting Bracket is for use with the Outback cabinet. It mounts to the light post or pole. The Outback cabinet slides on and locks into place. Comes with stainless steel mounting straps and fittings.

Cabinet Keys

Barrel Keys are unique to Cobra Key indoor cabinets. The Outback keys have outdoor and interior Barrel Keys.