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Dealer Key Cabinets

Auto Dealer Key Cabinets

Cobra Key Systems recognizes the need car dealerships have for easy, accurate key tracking. Dealers without an appropriate tracking system face the expense of locksmith fees, key replication and even window repairs, all which can hurt their financial bottom line. Cobra Key Systems offers simple, affordable solutions that meet dealers’ security and budget requirements. Our manual and electronic key cabinets and key tracking systems featured on our Auto Dealer page are designed with the special needs of car shops and dealerships in mind.

Cobra Mechanical Systems’ key cabinets feature offset rows that keep keys organized yet easy to find. Made of strong but light aluminum alloys, our systems are simple to mount on any wall, easy to maintain and inexpensive to ship. Even better, our systems come with a 2-year limited warranty, which is the best in the business.


In addition to cabinets, stations, wallboards and other key storage, organization and tracking systems, Cobra Key Systems carries a wide range of accessories to update or expand key systems:

  • Extra access keys – available in 12 colors and in any amount needed
  • Master keys – quickly releases keys
  • Key holders – locking nylon key holder straps and permanent stainless steel, tamper-proof holders
  • Mounting brackets – made for the Outback cabinet; cabinet slides on and locks into place for easy mounting
  • Cabinet keys – barrel keys that are unique to Cobra Key Systems

If you are an auto dealer distributor searching for a smart solution to your clients’ key tracking needs, ask us about our current promotions, free with your Cobra Key Systems purchase. (Our products are featured in a number of major catalog houses, but you can also contact us for details.) Customers purchasing our Proxsafe electronic systems also receive onsite training, online training, and free consulting for 90 days from the date of purchase.

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